Real Estate in Nicaragua is an Outstanding Investment and Value

The current market is presenting ideal opportunities to invest in real estate in Nicaragua. The country is only now being discovered by investors, much as Costa Rica and Panama were 20 years ago. As a result, prices are still extremely reasonable—in fact, low by many standards—which promises outstanding returns in the future for savvy investors. Unlike some other neighboring countries, Nicaragua places no restrictions on foreign ownership of property. Readily available title insurance guarantees you own your real estate free and clear.

Nicaragua has made a commitment to growth and economic security with a number of recent laws designed to attract and protect investors, along with the most aggressive tourism promotion in the region. A recent International Living report declared the country’s Pacific Coast “the most misunderstood, undervalued and bargain-ripe stretch of coastline in the entire world.” The report even compares the features and lifestyle of Nicaragua’s coast to Southern California—except that it’s much, much more affordable. But the publication also encouraged investors to move quickly, stating: “We believe this stretch of coastline is primed to explode onto the world stage, and that if history is any guide, real estate prices could skyrocket here as much as 500% in the next few years.”

“While the recent economic downturn certainly affected real estate values here in Nicaragua as it did the rest of the world, the effect was not as great or as sustained,” says Roger Keeling. “We’re already seeing a recovery here, which means it’s a great time for anyone considering an investment and change in lifestyle. The country is really working to make it easy and profitable to live, retire and invest here.”

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