More Facts About Nicaragua

Location: Nicaragua is bordered by Honduras to the north; Costa Rica to the south; the Caribbean to the east; and the Pacific to the west. Milagro del Mar is located on the Pacific coast.

Population: 5.3 million. 65% of the population is under age 25.

Size: 46,430 square miles – a little smaller than the state of New York.

Capital city: Managua, population 1.5 million

International airport: Managua (MGA) - Managua International Airport has the most modern airport in Central America with a complete terminal remodel finished in 2007. Five international airline carriers fly into Managua International Airport: Three North American carriers and two Central American carriers:

  • American Airlines 2 daily non-stops from Miami
  • Delta Airlines 1 daily non-stop from Atlanta
  • Continental Airlines 1 daily non-stop from Houston
  • TACA Airlines 3 daily non-stops from El Salvador, connecting many US cities including Los Angeles and New York
  • COPA Airlines 1 daily non-stop from Houston, Guatemala and Panama

Climate: It’s endless summer in Nicaragua, with very little variation in temperature. There is a green season (June to October) and a dry season (November to May). The Pacific coast averages less precipitation than other regions during the rainy season. The average daily high is 85 degrees, slightly cooler (in the 60s) in the mountain region.

Language: Spanish; English is frequently used for conducting business.

Government: Nicaragua is a democracy, led by President Daniel Ortega. Presidents are elected for 5-year terms.

Economy: The Nicaraguan economy is primarily agricultural, with annual exports of coffee, cotton, sugar, bananas and other products worth US$610 million. The country has one of the lowest inflation rates in Central America. Nicaragua is a member of the Central American Common Market, has Free Trade Agreements with the Dominican Republic and Mexico and holds Preferential Treatment status with the US, Canada and European Union.

Culture: Nicaraguans are warm and friendly, and live a more relaxed lifestyle than what we’re accustomed to in the States. Many businesses close from noon until 2:00 p.m. for a midday siesta; government offices close for the day at 1:00 p.m. Roman Catholic is the predominant religion, and several Church holy days are national holidays.

Currency: The Nicaraguan unit of currency is the cordoba. (100 centavos = 1 cordoba) [currency converter:]

Time zone: Nicaragua is in the American Central Time zone.

Electricity: Nicaragua runs on 110 volts AC, 60 Hz and uses American-style, two-flat-pin plugs.

(Information provided by and the Consulate of Nicaragua.)

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