At Milagro del Mar, Everything We Do is Designed to Enhance Your Quality of Life

There is an encompassing term—quality of life—that we’ve spent a great deal of time considering as the plans for Milagro del Mar Beach & Golf Resort have evolved, as our wonderful stretch of coastline has gently given life to this special place where you always are welcome. We came to understand that when you create a place it must connect with the land, heritage and culture around it in order to become authentic. When that’s achieved, you begin to enjoy a true quality of life, something that is real and tangible, not a dream or a promise.

At Milagro del Mar, we believe we have laid the groundwork for an authentic quality of life that embraces the elegant simplicity of Nicaragua, offers respite from demands of the day-to-day world, and delivers a calming atmosphere we all need from time to time. The land provides the stage, and on it we are carefully placing residences designed for easy comfort. To further enhance the quality of life, we offer a wide range of services, amenities and activities that make Milagro del Mar a true destination resort.

“We certainly recognize that a resort implies different things to different people,” says Roger Keeling, one of Milagro del Mar’s managing principals. “What we’ve done is embrace the natural offerings and supplement them with all the things we believe individuals and families are seeking when they want to get away.”

Maybe your passion is golf or fishing or surfing, or just sitting quietly with waves lapping at your feet. Or a peaceful stroll before settling down to a bottle of wine and freshly prepared cuisine as the sun goes down over the ocean. Or a horseback ride along the beach, followed by a trip to a historic colonial town or exploration of one of Nicaragua’s natural wonders. Our promise is to make it simple and possible to do virtually anything you desire.

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