Milagro del Mar and Its Team are Dedicated to Bettering the Local Community

Carolyn and Roger Keeling are dedicated personally and through their business activities to generating community outreach and support through two non-profit organizations:

International Baseball Academy of Central America

The International Baseball Association (IBA) was founded to bring more structure to the identification and development of baseball talent in developing countries, increase the flow of quality players into Major League Baseball from these areas and improve opportunities for young athletes often lacking support.

In 2009, the International Baseball Academy of Central America (IBACA), an IBA affiliate, announced plans to build a state-of-the art baseball academy in Nicaragua to help promising young players from throughout Central America pursue their dreams of playing professional baseball. With the active support of Milagro del Mar, a site was selected adjacent to the resort so that visitors and participants will have access to the resort’s residential facilities and recreational options.

A former baseball player, Roger Keeling and Milagro del Mar are directly involved in the operation and support of IBACA. Roger also says resort owners will benefit from increased rental demand, accelerated appreciation of investment, additional recreational facilities and international recognition for the Milagro del Mar property. Additional principals in this venture include former Major League Baseball players Dave Stewart, Brad Lesley and Reggie Smith, as well as Joe Ryan, an attorney from Hollywood, and Bob Oettinger, an entertainment industry executive from California.

IBACA will work closely with the Hope & Development Foundation, another project supported by Milagro del Mar. Along with sports training and development, the academy will place a major emphasis on education and vocational training. The aim is for each person who participates in the academy’s programs to be prepared for a successful life, whether in professional baseball or non-baseball careers within Nicaragua.

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Hope & Development Foundation

The developers of Milagro del Mar Beach & Golf Resort and their corporate partners are committed to creating value through socially responsible development. A primary vehicle for that effort is the Hope & Development Foundation.

This foundation is a non-profit organization actively funded and supported by Milagro del Mar. Representatives work with local civic leadership to identify opportunities for authentic humanitarian outreach, and the resort invests significant resources to further these goals. The foundation assists people in the region surrounding Milagro del Mar through educational programs, vocational training, job opportunities and improved healthcare. With a focus on the nearby town of Villa El Carmen, Hope & Development partners with local, regional and international agencies to help the community develop sustainable programs and business initiatives to promote a higher quality of living.

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